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We are the premier suppliers of Outdoor Cooling & Heating products in the Middle East. And was honoured with the 2015 Dubai Municipality Award for Excellence

We sell and rent many products and solutions to maximize your comfort no matter the temperature.



The climate changes with seasons, especially here in the United Arab Emirates. Some climatic conditions are conducive for outdoor activities, while others are inhospitable. However, we have a solution for you’re outdoors and indoors needs. 

Mist & Cool U.S.A. It’s capable of keeping the audience at an outdoor event cool and comfortable even during the hot and humid summer months. The company’s evaporative cooling units reduce the temperature drastically, while consuming only a fraction of the power consumed by conventional air-conditioning.

These units are widely used in outdoor restaurants, Hotels, horse stables, greenhouses, outdoor school events, outdoor congregations at mosques, supermarkets and many other outdoor places, particularly where conventional air-conditioning is of little use and also unaffordable.





Global warming affects sustainable animal production in several ways. A higher ambient temperature leads to heat stress, nutritional stress, and lowered production and reproduction, while different rainfall patterns affect aspects such as rainfall and humidity.

MIST & COOL USA misting system reduce heat stress thereby providing improved physical metabolism. This equates to enhanced milk production, increased feed intake, better weight gain and faster reproduction. The improved environmental conditions result in improved quality of life and this can have a noticeable effect.




Greenhouse Humidification

The capabilities if these mist systems will improve productivity and increase the health of the plants within the greenhouse. It accomplishes this by eliminating ‘plant water stress’ which is a primary factor in the growth of all plants.